RoboLoCo is First Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 5338 from Loudoun County, Virginia. We were born from the coalition between the LCPS Academy of Science (AOS) and the CS Monroe Technology Center (MTC), although we grew to accept high school students from any Loudoun County Public School. The plan was this: AOS and MTC would provide the students and teachers to the creation of the team, as well as a location and equipment, while Orbital Sciences, our first sponsor, would provide the initial funds and mentors to train the team. The team officially began in December, 2013, when our first meeting was held in MTC: Dr. Wolfe (AOS) and Mr. Grier (MTC) had quietly alerted specific students beforehand. 


Our Purpose

The team was created to represent Loudoun County in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an international game where teams build robots to compete in challenges. Building a robot is not our only goal: FRC has many awards that stress spirit, cooperation with other teams (coopertition), video production, essay writing, and above all, spreading the word of engineering. We hope to hone our skills each year to win as many awards as possible. Wish us luck!