How We Got Here

RoboLoCo is still a young and relatively small team, but with a interesting, glorious past.  Despite only participating in 4 FRC competitions so far, we are far from the inexperienced rookies we once were.  Our first year, our worst year, was by no means fruitless; we took a lot of experience from the competition and learned from our mistakes for the next year.  In addition, we also won the Rookie Inspiration award.  Our second year was by far the wildest.  After having our robot stolen after we qualified for worlds, we quickly built another due to immense support (we got our original robot back).  While we may not have won worlds, the team got publicity and the team's roster for the third year more than quadrupled.  During our third year, we focused to teaching the new members and had to adjust to having a large team- something we were certainly unprepared for- and despite faulty communication and a limited budget, we managed to get to district championships.

The First Season- A Rough Start

Robot Name: Marvin

Events Attended, Placement, and awards won

Greater DC Regionals: 40th seeded out of 50, Rookie Inspiration Award


President: Alex Duan

Members: Lori Bowler, Scott Burn, Grace Horvath, William Poindexter, Bryan Reimer, Mary Zell Galen, Shreyas Gatuku, Ellie Grace, Kay Hutchinson, Jason Jenkins, Josh Long, Nick Robinson,  Ronak Shah, Jacob Hughes, Raj Shrimali, Joesph Chang, Siddharth Nanda, Dhyey Parikh

Mentors: Michael Tomlinson, Pete Peters, Richard Sarr,  Patrick Alsup, Ryan Gould, Marcel Hammond, Patrick Nicklas, Megan Paulette, Gabriella Rios-Georgio, Scott Hutchinson

The Second Season- A Season to Remember

First Robot Name: Red Baron

Second Robot Name: Otis


DC Regionals: 14th seeded out of 52, Quarter-finalist

Smoky Mountain Regionals: Judges Award, Finalist (8th seeded out of 40), Wildcard

World Championships: 22nd seeded out of 72 (Carson Division)


President: Mary Zell Galen 

Members: Jennifer Fuhrer, Mary Zell Galen, Shreyas Gataku, Jason Jenkins, Ronak Shah, Spencer Hong, Jacob Hughes, John Kuempel, Dustin Moretz, Raj Shrimali, Joshua Burnell, Joseph Chang, Siddharth Nanda, Dhyey Parikh, Daniel Pham, Jeevna Prakash, Devina Thapa, Karston Steele

Mentors: Michael Tomlinson, Richard Sarr, Ryan Gould, Marcel Hammond, Patrick Nicklas, Megan Paulette, Alex Sohn, Gabrielle Rios-Georgio, Richard Ellis, John Guenther, Michael Hughes, Linda Gantz 

The Third Season- Another Great Season

Robot Name: Scrap Metal


Northern Virginia Districts: 16th seeded out of 39, Finalist

Northern Maryland Districts: 15th seeded out of 34, Quarterfinalist

Central Maryland Districts: 17th seeded out of 39, Quarterfinalist

Chesapeake District Championships: 48th seeded out of 58


President: Joseph Chang

Members: John Kuempel, Jeevna Prakash, Jacob Hughes, Michael Vanderlyn, Michael Fuhrer, Joshua Burnell, Grant Kim, Dustin Moretz, Taylor Chatfield, Nicole Seman, Hannah Jiang, Marleah Puckett,Konrad Siebor, Udhanth Mallasani, Andrew Clark, Andrew Thomas, Daniel Pham, Aaron Chai, Alay Shah, Albert Kim, Shea McHenry

Mentors: Michael Tomlinson, Richard Sarr, Alex Sohn, Linda Gantz, Ryan Gould



The Fourth Season- A Close Season

Robot Name: Mr. Rivets 

Events attended, placement, and awards won

Official Play Record: 27-20-2

Greater DC Districts: Rank 12 out of 48, 12-8, 8th Seed Captains, Event Finalists, Imagery Award

Northern Maryland Districts: Rank 6 out of 48, 11-5-1, 6th Seed Captains, Event Semi-Finalists

FIRST Chesapeake District Championship: Rank 36, 4-7-1

Members and Mentors

President: Joseph Chang

Members: Kevin Zeng, Josh Burnell, Andrew Clark, Joseph Chang, Arvind Srinivasan, Nicole Seman, Saarthak Maheshwari, Jean-Paul Staelens, Shalika Neelaveni, Aaron Chai, Andrew Thomas, Nathan Hargan, Pranav Addepalli, Dheeraj Yachamaneni, Hannah Jiang, Marleah Puckett, Michael Fuhrer, Arya Saravanan, Ayush Hariharan, Udhanth Mallasani, Albert Kim, Surya Mamidyala, Sujay Kandwal, Mihir Shah, Konrad Siebor, Ashwin Jayaraj

Mentors: Michael Tomlinson, Richard Sarr, Alex Sohn, Michael Parker, Paulson McIntyre, Linda Gantz,